My 5th grade year

This year was a fun year.I learned a lot in reading I learned that Ruby Bridges has an huge inpact on  the white and black school being mixed.In lanugange Arts you do a lot of fun thing.In all the classes were fun the teaches explain a lot and it helps you pass the STAAR.

Letters to Obedience School


I’m so mad that you came to our school.You are such a bad dog.You changed how we all acted.Why are you doing this? Tell us,You howl and bark at night,so we never get to get any sleep.You’re a horrible you need to leave.

Sincerely,The other dogs

Time I was scared

One day and iI sitting on the couch.He got a phone call that my grandma went to hosiptal an was in the ambulance.She got to the hopital and they ran tests and everything they could.It came back postive that she had to stay in the hosital for a week and she got to go,but then she started feeling werid so she went back to the hosiptal.They planned a surgey.She was in the room and passed out  and she was on a buch of cords.She woke up and her heart stopped. It started back and went into surgery.She came back.She felt Like a new person and we all cried,because she was back to herself and we were all happy.

Child Labor

When I first read about this i was surprised because us today do not have to be a coal breaker or deal with Colth,Doffers. Well we go to school and they have to work cause there parents cant afford to pay for school they even have to work when there 4. So i thank my parents for working for us and I am glad I get to go to school and have teachers that are nice.