March 24

War Of 1812

W-War started in 1812 the United States and United Kingdom

A-Attack the U.S ports along the east coast.They blocked and tryed to attack again

R-Results the war ended in a statement with neither

O-On June 18,1812,the united states declared war on the united kingdom.

F-France and Noppolen had placed

1-One final major battle was the battle of New Orleans which took place 12/24

8-Eight days later U.S senate ratified the treaty on Feb.18 1815

1-One of the wars did bring long-term peace between United States and United Kingdom.

2-Two from british burned down the white house

February 22

Battle of the Crown Point

The locations were Fort Ticonderga and Ticonderga.The battle took place on May 10,1775.Fewer than a hundred of these men,under the joint command of their command of their leader Ethan Allen,Benedict Arnold of Massachusetts that won the battle.The battle of Lake Champlain from The french Contanial and Lake Gerorge from British Army.During the 1750s,as a part of the French and Indain War, Crown point and neboring installations were the targets of five efforts by the british to wrest control of Lake Champlain from the french. Ethan Allen won the battle of the crown point. As many as 3,000 were killed and the people the soliders were put in jail and wasn’t able to see their wife and son and daurters¬†

February 16

Patriot poem

The country stood trembiling at Guilford courthouse North Carolina

He commands Greene for his Gallanty conduct

Battle of the Cowpens By Virginia

awesome hardworking man

Daniel Morgan

Choses awesome decisions

written by Brigadier Geranal Morgan

Writes a fllatering letter expressing his pride

Major Gerneral Morgan as comander of the Southern Department